Come, kindred spirits, music's embrace unfold,
Where timeless melodies and modern notes are bold.
FCE Continuo, a realm where art takes flight,
A haven for the curious, a beacon in the night.
Through thematic shows, a hundred pathways shine,
Contributions outstanding, in harmony divine.
From classical grandeurs to unconventional dreams,
A sonic odyssey beyond what it may seem.
Tradition intertwined with daring innovators,
Boundaries dissolve, as sound liberators.
Immerse your senses in this auditory feast,
Let every note awaken the muse within, released.
More than just a station, a community it thrives,
United by passion, where creativity survives.
Open minds and humor, a joyous counterpoint,
As music's magic touches hearts, its truest anoint.
Whether aficionado or seeker of the new,
FCE Continuo beckons, its wonders to pursue.
Unlock the tapestry woven with melodic thread,
And let the unexpected leave you inspired, well-fed.